I Wear My Sunglasses At Night…

April 25, 2012

I heard the song “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” while driving in my car the other day and listening to the radio. It’s still a catchy tune, but isn’t it ironic how easy it is to dismiss how important sunglasses are?  People still tend to think of them as merely a fashion accessory, but they’re much more than that. Much more.

Dr. Baseem Wahab has the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!

When it comes to having happier, healthier eyes, remember that sunglasses reduce glare, especially if you’re spending time around the pool or late during the summer months. And do you remember the windy day we had the other day? Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from any dust and debris the wind kicks around. It’s just proof that a little prevention can go a long way.

Also, did you know that ultraviolet radiation in the summer is three times higher than during the winter? And UV radiation can also cause the skin around your eyes, which is more delicate than other areas of your face, to wrinkle if you leave it exposed to sunlight too long? Letting the sun prematurely age your skin and eyes when there’s a solution at hand doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Those of you who suffer from headaches might be interested to know that sunglasses can reduce eyestrain and the headaches associated with it (eyestrain). What’s not to love about not having headache? Keep in mind, too, that the staff at SEEN Vision Care in Dearborn, Michigan, will help outfit you with the right pair of sunglasses that’ll enhance your looks with style and protect your eyes!

Call 313-278-SEEN today and let us help you help your eyes.

Dr. Baseem Wahab is an optometrist and owner of local Southeast Michigan’s SEEN Vision Care. He is also the president of Eyes on You Image and Practice Consultants, an organization that has a 100-percent track record for improving the efficiency in ever practice it’s consulted for.

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