Staying Healthy By Sunblocking Your Eyes

April 18, 2012

Some people read the sports section of the paper each morning. I admit I do, too, but I’m also always on the lookout for articles and information to pass along to my clients here at SEEN Vision Care in Dearborn, Michigan. The way the weather has been here over the past few months has actually made people somewhat erratic in making appointments for their eyes, especially when it comes to sunglasses. It’s overcast one day, sunny the next, snowing another, windy the day after that and the variety never seems to end. Regardless of how the weather is today and tomorrow, you need to protect your eyes in the coming summer months.

Contact Dr. Baseem Wahab at SEEN Vision Care for your summer sunglasses!

I came across a health and fitness article last week discussing reasons why you should wear sunglasses in the summer. Did you know that if you’re not in the habit of wearing sunglasses that you can get a sunburned cornea? Even worse, it’s even possible to develop skin cancer of the eyelids. Nobody wants these things to happen and we all know what the solution is.

However, while wearing sunglasses can help, there’s more to it than that. Do you know what level of UV protection your glasses are? How about the tint? These are all things addressed in the ENews Park Forest article “Top Five Ways to Sunblock Your Eyes this Summer.” I urge you to read it and also make an appointment with SEEN Vision Care today! We can make sure your sunglasses do everything they’re supposed to in order to keep you safe!

Give us a call at 313-278-SEEN and let us help your eyes before you head out for those sunny afternoons in the yard or at the beach.

Dr. Baseem Wahab, Optometrist and owner of SEEN Vision Care in Metro Detroit’s Dearborn area, is also the president of Mobile Eye Care. While holding this position, he has traveled to the homes of patients unable to leave their home and provided pro bono services for those unable to afford optical medical attention.

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