Don’t Put Off That Eye Exam!

May 9, 2012

It’s said that when we’re in difficult economic times that two of the things people start to put off are visits to the dentist and visits to the eye doctor. This may seem like the thing to do at the time, but without healthy teeth, you open yourself up to a huge number of potential problems. The same with your eyes. Not only do you need your eyes to drive to work, but you need them to be healthy for the daily rigors of your job and home life. How can you expect yourself to fill out or read important documents when you have a hard time seeing them? And if you have children, have you ever not been able to get out of checking their homework?

Find out how SEEN can help you!

By ignoring the needs of your eyes, you can begin to suffer from headaches caused by eyestrain, have difficulty focusing or even concentrating. A simple eye test can determine if you’re suffering from being nearsighted (myopia, or having problems seeing things far away), longsighted (hyperopia, or difficulty seeing things close by) or even if you need bifocals. And what if you’re squinting at everything? It could be an astigmatism (meaning images may be more out of focus in some directions than in others

And if you have seen an optometrist, only he or she isn’t able to get your vision back to 20/20 with glasses, then you may need to have your eyes checked out for an eye disease. That’s hopefully not going to be the case. Let’s not forget that you may also want to find out if contacts are the right solution for you. We can help.

No matter what, it’s important you have a yearly eye exam in order to prevent things from getting any worse. At SEEN Vision Care, Dr. Baseem Wahab will give you a complete optical workup and then help you find that perfect pair of glasses. We have lenses, lenses and even more lenses, plus we believe in the old age of quality over quantity. This means you’ll get a terrific pair of glasses and not at an inflated price.

Contact SEEN Vision Care today and schedule your appointment!  Have you been SEEN?

Dr. Baseem Wahab, Optometrist and owner of SEEN Vision Care in Metro Detroit’s Dearborn area, is also the president of Mobile Eye Care. While holding this position, he has traveled to the homes of patients unable to leave their home and provided pro bono services for those unable to afford optical medical attention.


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