I wrote in a previous blog post about some things to look for when choosing an eye doctor. It made sense to share that information with you because of all the stories we hear from patients, then it occurred to me that I really haven’t shared much about myself. Reading about me here isn’t quite the same as having a conversation with me, which I invite you to come into SEEN Vision Care and do, but this will give you an idea of my background and what I’m currently doing.

First, for those of you in the Dearborn, Michigan area, I’m a resident here. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in 1997, then went on to earn a Doctor of Optometry from New England College of Optometry and MBA from Arizona State University. Finally, I’m licensed in Optometry in the state of Michigan as well as by the DEA.

Education is one thing, but it’s also what we do with that education that helps define a person. One of things I’m very proud to have done and continue to do is give back to local communities. Not everybody is as fortunate as we are, so I bring my skills into the homes of patients who are unable to travel to clinics or even my office. On top of that, I provided pro bono services for people unable to afford proper medical attention, something I’ve done since before the recent recession hit.

Another organization you will see the name Baseem Wahab associated with is the Eyes on You Image and Practice Consultants. I am President of this group and together we have a 100 percent track record of improving efficiency in practices we’ve consulted for. There is always room for improvement, especially in this day and age where advancements in technology seem to happen daily.

There are other things I could share with you, but they’re business-oriented and probably wouldn’t be as interesting. Perhaps, in closing, I can let you see some of the other organizations I’m proudly affiliated with. And please, if you have any questions or would like to speak to me in person, stop by SEEN Vision Care or contact me, Baseem Wahab, here. I look forward to meeting you!

2010-Present Member, BNI Dearborn Chapter
2009-Present Member, National Arab American Medical Association
2009-Present Member, Dearborn Chamber of Commerce
2004-Present Member, Michigan Optometric Association
2001-Present Member, American Optometric Association
2001-Present Member, American Academy of Optometry
2001-Present Member, Prevent Blindness America
2000-Present Member, International Academy of Sports Vision.

From the college life, the creative thoughts of Dr. Baseem Wahab were noticed by his superiors and colleagues. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Waterloo at Canada. Later on, he became Assistant teacher in Biology Department of that University. The authority of the University implemented his unique method of grading system. He learned the technique of interaction with the teammates being the member of College team. After spending four years at the University of Waterloo, Dr. Baseem Wahab came to Johns Hopkins Hospital of Baltimore for studying “Doctor of Optometry” in the year 1997. When he was intern, he regularly attended the weekly conferences, lectures at the Wilmer Eye Institute of the Johns Hopkins University Hospital to get comprehensive knowledge on ocular science. At that time, he also presented his case reports and lectured to his professors.

At Dimock Community Health Center and Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Centers he gained the practical knowledge of ocular treatment. There from, he became expert on primary care including refractive, contact lens fitting, low vision pediatric care, optical dispensing, pre and postoperative care of refractive surgery patients, cataract surgery patients, and various retinal surgery. His research on “Performing LASIK Using the Autonomous Laser on a Patient with Congenital Nystagmus” was published in “Poster, American Academy of Optometry, 2000” and another work “Comparison study of fundus imaging tools and their benefit to the private practitioner” is still to be published. However, he became interested in healthcare management procedure of patients.

Dr. Baseem Wahab acquired Master of Business Administration Degree from Arizona State University in 2005. His main focus was on business strategy on competitive atmosphere and logistic dominance. He started his independent practice as staff optometrist from CIGNA Healthcare of Arizona. Later on, he served as Director, Vision Services Cigna Healthcare of Arizona from 2002-07, Managing Member, OPTICA of Arizona from 2006-10 and currently he is attached with Mobile Eye Care and SEEN Vision Care as president of the Organization.

Baseem’s vision on the treatment of the patient is very much clear. His primary goal was to provide the eye care facilities to the maximum patients maintaining the standards of care. At Cigna Healthcare of Arizona, he provided eye care to 250,000 patients at 10 centers with the help of only 19 providers and 82 staff in vision department. It has set to improve on $ 3 million plus division of the Corporation.

His knowledge of management study has helped him manage the overhead costs, equipment capital, quality, P&L, interdisciplinary communication, co-management with surgical providers, and ensuring efficiency within the medical group. Another major contribution of Dr. Baseem Wahab is the use of i-Pad for office and medical use and remote access to patient records. This innovative concept has benefited the neglected section of the society and they get the treatment at an affordable price. His caring and compassionate attitude combined with strong educational background and vast experience has raised a new hope among the ocular patients of America.