Eye or vision problems are much more common than some people realize. In fact, regardless of their vision, most people suffer from some kind of eye-related ailment at one point or another in their lives. But what exactly are these common problems?

Refraction Problems

Did you know that your eyes can only see when light rays are bent? That’s how the eyes perceive the world around them. Light passes through the cornea and lens and then is focused on the retina; light is being bent during this entire process, which is what refraction is. But sometimes the eyes have trouble bending the light correctly which can often result in myopia or hyperopia. Also known as nearsightedness and farsightedness respectively, these are two conditions that can be easily fixed with the help of corrective lenses and laser eye surgery.

Astigmatism is another condition that can occur when the eyes don’t refract light correctly. When someone suffers from this condition, their eyes don’t focus light evenly on the retina, which can make objects blurry or otherwise distorted. Like near-and-farsightedness, this problem can be fixed with glasses.

Eye Twitches

There are many factors that come into play with respect to eye twitching. Unlike refraction problems, which are mostly genetic, eye twitching is usually caused by environmental conditions. The most likely culprits of this are stress, caffeine and fatigue. And while most people can’t completely avoid the stress and fatigue that come with our daily lives, we can avoid ingesting too much caffeine. Reducing the amount coffee, pop or energy drinks you regularly consume is one of the easiest ways to limit eye twitching.

Eye Fatigue

Just like eye twitching, fatigue can also be caused by outside forces. I’ve written about it before, but one of the best ways to avoid eye fatigue or eyestrain is to limit how long you stare at a computer screen at one time. Prolonged exposure to the light emitted by computer screens makes your eyes work harder than they should, which leads to fatigue. This is also known as computer vision syndrome.

Eye fatigue can also be caused by the refraction problems previously mentioned.

The best thing about all of these problems is that they can either be completely cured and/or treated. If you’re suffering from any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me online or call the SEEN Vision office at (313)278-SEEN to schedule an eye exam.